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6 definitions by jako

An individual who is beneath contempt.
A despicable person
Listen--I don't even want to think about that fuckwad.
by jako September 08, 2003
652 164
Translation of this term is BUTT
I like the way you touch my nalgas.

Dame por las nalgas!!!!
by jako July 26, 2003
252 182
Word in spanish that means "To Fuck "
Jose y Irmaris se fuueron a meter
by jako July 26, 2003
37 26
a suckhole pejorative term for a person who will resort to anything to make a favorable impression
That new guy turned out to be a real dicky licker.
by jako September 14, 2003
8 1
" leche "(what an erected penis spits) but in big amounts
She always ask for more than one lechaso
by jako July 26, 2003
7 2
jail or penitentiary
"Hey don't mess with him. He just did a nickel's worth in the joint."
by jako September 14, 2003
17 15