Top Definition

1. Something so utterly absurd or wacky the point where no other words can describe.

synonymous with shiznack (it's derivation)

other forms:
nakky (adj.) nakker (n.)
Guy #1: Yesterday, I saw a guy on stilts trying to pull a tractor trailor with his teeth while doing the hokey-pokey.

Guy #2: If that's not nakk, I dont know what is.
#nakk #nakker #nakky #nack #shiznack
by nakker December 12, 2009
to ejaculate semen up another persons nose.
At the bukkake party sheila got nakked by 7 men and then she had to blow her nose.
#bukkake #semen #facial #jizz #man juice
by TommyJ November 18, 2005
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