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The bomb. As in, "this shit is better than crack."
Those rims are the shiznack.
by James T March 05, 2004
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Oh Shiz Nack I just failed my exam!
by Mrs. Jake Robinson January 19, 2009
term used in replace of the word shit
used often to show shock or excitement
1.Oh shiznack!!

2.That rollercoaster was the shiznack!!

3.That's some messed up shiznack...
by Matthew Lawrence July 10, 2008
The area between your nutsack and your asshole. You may also know this area as grundle, taint, or dodus, depending on your location.
Dude, why'd u lick that girls shiznack? Did u really want dome that bad?
by Matthew Brendan Rupp Brady April 16, 2005

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