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another word for "nice". Just slightly cooler.
That's a naise shirt you've got on, bud!
She's a naise girl.
by CaptainVincible April 21, 2011
the little hairy area where your testicles meet the end of your butt.
OMG! my naise smells horrible
by the toilet October 16, 2010
1. Absolutely not- totally rejecting an offer with a NAISE!
2. Psych- meaning not gonna happen
1. Rachel: Hey Bianca you want to go to the mall with me?
Bianca: NAISE!

1. Denisse: Come with me to Atlanta?
Erica: Naise!

2. Andrea: I'm definitely going to the party tonight... Naise my moms a bitch.

2. Jake: OMG I totally wanna go out with this girl-- NAISE she's a JAZA.
by yeooooooooooo February 04, 2011
Originally born from the premise of baby batter, Naise is short for Man-naise. Recently, it has been discovered that this term is great for pissing off a particularly racist, socially-inept german.

Prefixes: Flo-; Bolo-; Man-
When the German walks in the room, I love to yell NAISE!!!
by Sampson Simpson February 09, 2004
Insane german with homosexual tendencies. Likes to wear ladies underwear.
Clemens, why do they call you Naise?
by mark February 08, 2004

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