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Clemens is latin for: mild, gentle, merciful
Clemens usually is the kind of tall, dark-featured exotic guy. A name that you surely don't hear very often. He's mostly very charming, quite well educated, intelligent as well as highly attractive.

He usually is a very true partner if he is in fact in a relationship, altough in most cases he stand's for being a bit of a womanizer.
Some women are even seen calling out "Clemens" when they're in bed with their boyfriends, but really would want to be in bed with Clemens.
"Jenny, oh- Jenny" ----"Oh yeah Clemens"---"What?"

One girl to another in a bar: "Mmm... I want a piece of that Clemens over there."

One guy to another: " Yeah, she was totally into me, but now she only keeps talking about this Clemens- guy and even mumbles his name at night"
by Ms.Wonderful February 06, 2010