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A slang term combining the words "nigga" and "faggot", used to describe an acquaintance who has just done or said something really retarded. Originated in E-Ford, New York.
Adam: I think that A-Rod is obviously the best player on the Yankees, let alone the history of the MLB.

Juan: Naggot! You dumb shit. That nigga is a highly over-paid scrub!
by Ussypay December 02, 2006
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An african american homosexual. Basically what you get when you combine nigger and faggot.
Hey look at that nigger behind the bushes with his pants down. Oh no, what's that? Another nigger just ran up on him with his dick out. Gross! He just penetrated that black mans ass! He will probably have a chili ring around his cock and balls when he finishes! Man, it just goes to show niggers will do anything for crack! These naggots are repulsive.
by granwiz February 03, 2008
A Faggot And A Noob Combined
Get Out Of Here Naggot
by this girl on tonya 98 April 09, 2010
A whiney gay nag.
Manuel: "Rico! Stop being such a naggot about your commissions."
by BTedstrom December 06, 2006

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