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A savage jungle animal that came to america by way of boat to be sold like farm animals and used for labor intensive activities. Once in america, these beasts were also bred to be bigger and stronger than their monkey brothers that roam the jungles and deserts in africa.
Mike: Hey John, look over there, what the fuck is going on? Why is that tv floating in the air?

John: Holy shit, let me get a flashlight. Oh no! It's a NIGGER and it looks like it robbed my neighbor's house! Kill him!

Mike: Believe me, I'd love to kill another nigger but isn't it illegal to shoot a fleeing nigger?

John: Well, I used to think it was considered murder but I asked a lawyer and he told me that it's a misdemeanor. It's considered animal abuse and you'll probably just get a ticket.
by granwiz February 02, 2008
An african american homosexual. Basically what you get when you combine nigger and faggot.
Hey look at that nigger behind the bushes with his pants down. Oh no, what's that? Another nigger just ran up on him with his dick out. Gross! He just penetrated that black mans ass! He will probably have a chili ring around his cock and balls when he finishes! Man, it just goes to show niggers will do anything for crack! These naggots are repulsive.
by granwiz February 03, 2008

Derived from the word NIGGER, NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER! (Sorry, I like how that rolls off my tongue) It's used frequently and casually amongst half ape gorilla smelling savage jungle animals. It is used so much in jive talk that you may not be able to (without a course in ebonics) understand what in the hell these filthy stinking criminals are talking about.

Tyrone: Awwwwwhh NIGGA! I just got a dub!

Keyshawn: Fo real nigga? Nigga, you ain't be affordin no dubs you just came out the pen nigga! What bout yo baby momma nigga?

Tyrone: No you dumb nigga, I be talkin bout da 20" hole punched in mah asshole from them big honkies at the wieght room in jail! I gots to sell crack fo some big wheels on my 85 buick nigga!

KeyShawn: OH Shit NIGGGGGGAAAAAH! You's got a 20" ASSHOLE! Now you be shittin yo pants Nigga!!! Nigga, it make no matta because us niggas smell like shit anyhow! Nigga!
by granwiz February 01, 2008

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