Stands for Not a bad older broad/bitch.

A older woman who still looks good.
Kylie Monogue is a Nabob. Don't you think.

Yah! She definetly is! She still looks in her prime.
by oiboy February 28, 2005
Top Definition
a disgustingly wealthy person who gets everything he wants because hes so fucking rich
I married her because her father is a fucking nabob.
by spooky April 30, 2004
1) slang for the word "no", since the first syllable is pronounced "nay", another way of saying no.

2) awesome brand of java!
Mr. A: "Know what time the liquor store closes?"

Mr. B: "Nabob, I do not. Why don't ya call them and find out."
by Mister B. February 10, 2008
a non racial term for a black person
hay whats up "nabob"
by diliyo January 26, 2012
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