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indian word for bastard
andy harami hai
by spooky August 17, 2003
a disgustingly wealthy person who gets everything he wants because hes so fucking rich
I married her because her father is a fucking nabob.
by spooky April 30, 2004
While doing your women from behind, you pull her arms out from under her resulting in her face smashing the floor or bed.
The reason my girl has a lump on her head is because I gave her a screaming beaver the last night.
by Spooky October 24, 2004
the color of a african american's vagina
Damn her snatch is might blurgurple
by Spooky October 17, 2003
a. Scary

b. compassionate asshole

c. always kissing up to Pocho people
spooky can get out of control
by spooky November 19, 2003
Space between the subway car and the paltform. Also commonly used to define the space between someones teeth. sometime used to define the space between someones ears.
As in " Watch the gap"
"She sho is gap toothed"
by Spooky October 12, 2004
san fernando valley pecerwoods. the tweekers of cali
i'm rollin wit my homie to SFV to go pick up some tweek.
by spooky October 09, 2003

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