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norwegian word for 'n00b', used especially in counter-strike.
ditt jævla nabbtryne!
by Robin Skoglund February 20, 2005
1. Someone high-leveled that don't know how to play a game.
2. Someone smart who does something stupid/says something stupid.
3. The norwegian version of the word 'noob'.
1. A lvl 70 runs around asking how he trades.
2. Lol, IE pwns FF!
3. Stikk av, din nabb!
by masse rart October 08, 2007
An abbreviation formed by the following words: Not A Bad Bird. Word used to describe a female that is somewhat attractive, but not necessarily incredibly hot - i.e. a female attractive enough for one night, but not attractive enough for dating/marriage.
James said to Tim while passing by a woman "That girl was totally NABB"
by Lady_Killa August 23, 2012
norwegian word for point of rock, mountain or hill.
en bergnabb om dagen gjør godt for maven.
kjempehallo, en bergnabb!
by Dag Hanssen March 03, 2005
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