1) Someone who was compiled, not born.
2) Someone who cannot differentiate between real life and IRC.
3) Someone who would rather marry a computer.
n3rd # cd life-2.6.0-test3
n3rd # ./configure --with-social-skills --with-gf && make && make install
by Aeri August 17, 2003
"Nerd" without the e, replaced by the superior letternumber 3. They are extreme nerds who are very unpopular but their IQ is a lot higher than everyone around them. They are pushed around but they will some day become rulers of the world and all will suffer under their cruel wrath.
Jock 1: "Look at that nerd"
Jock 2: "We should go kick him"
Jock 3: "That's no nerd! that's a n3rd!"
Jock 1: "Who cares? let's go kick him"
Jock 2 & 3: "Alright"
by LethalNerd November 11, 2004

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