Somebody on a internet gaming/forum site who is likely to be illiterate and say lol , stfu and things along those lines. They are also likely to be stupid enought to say "Wtf? Wat?" when you call them a n00b or say anything slightly intelligent.
n00b: LyK OmFG y DnT U jSt stfu!11!!one!!!1!!
Normal Person: What a n00b
n00b: Wtf Is ThT?
Normal Person: A new person who is stupid and irritating e.g you
n00b: LYK OmG CnT beLeive You I Am RepORtiNG YOu!oNe!!!!111111111
Normal Person: What for may i ask?
n00b: PweAse DonAte ME SoMeThinG
by .The.Evil.Muffin. May 02, 2005
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An idiot. Specifically, one who is woefully naive and lacking in knowledge of a specific area of expertise (in a fandom, game, or online), but is so convinced that he/she knows far more about said area than most other people, that they blatantly disregard, and often fight against, helpful suggestions and opinions from other, more knowledgeable people. This is different from a newbie in that, while both are inexperienced and unknowledgeable, a newbie can learn as he/she gets more aquainted with the fandom/game/internet forum/group, whereas the n00b is so delusioned by their non-existent knowledge, that no ammount of convincing will deter him. The n00b refuses to admit he/she's naive in the area that they claim to have knowledge in and actually *learn*, and, instead, flames other people and generally act like a complete and total idiot trying to convince others of their imagined intellectual superiority. Generally the cause of flame wars.

Also can be referred to a person who excessively flames people, reviving dead topics, etc., just to get attention and/or make a point. Often gets banned from internet forums and causes many forum threads to be closed from further posts. Overall, a real jerk.
"That guy is such a n00b, still insisting he got the God of Assmasters playable in MKT..."

"Why do you keep on flaming me? The thread was long dead, and you had to bring it back from the dead just to take a stab at me? God, what a n00b..."
by SynjoDeonecros July 10, 2004
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Someone who is new to something and thinks they are an expert.
n00b:You are all wrong,idots, camembert is by far softer than brie. You're all such n00bs.
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A lowly evolved troll. One n00b can lay up to 123,000 eggs in less than five minutes, has a gestation period of 12 hours, and a life span of 70 years. They reside exclusively on Neopets and breed and reproduce in chatrooms and boards. Fortunately, as boards go, there are very few n00bs on IMDB.
n00b 1: gfhkagsk13h bsd?
n00b 2: hfhusgr gfsahrjsklr hfjkah!!
n00b 3: fjg gsdkjfhsbvs gsjk?
n00b 1: gsfgskfgseh. fg!
n00b 3: ROFL
by Tianto November 24, 2004
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The term "n00b" is commonly confused with the term "newb".
A newb is short for a newbie, someone who is new to something.
A n00b is someone who, regardless of experience, is utterly crap at a game and will not take the advice of others.

These are generally big mouthed people who suffer from Delusions of Grandeur.

Upon being given advice, n00bs will either ignore it completely, or make a poor attempt at insulting the person giving them the advice.
A n00b will be the first person to point the finger at someone else if a mistake is made.
They are also the people that go around calling others n00bs for no particular reason.

90% of n00bs are unable to spell.

The word n00b is also commonly used in banter.
n00b: OMG, nyce shield lololol cn i buy plz?!?!?!?!?1
Player: Sorry, not for sale
n00b: OMG! n00b!

Person: Hey, can you plant the bomb please?
n00b: F U!!!!!!!

n00b: i r lyk 2 gd 4 u n00bs

*n00b charges one enemy and gets his ass handed to him*
n00b: wer th fk r u gys? i hd no bckup thr n i hd 2 fite 5 n00bs, bt thy killd me coz u ddnt hlp me. u r sht
by Jelal March 21, 2006
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A pretentious term used by people who honestly believe using numbers to write words is still as cool now, as it was when the running man was considered a great dance move. Used to half-assedly insult a person who annoys the user without the necessary thought that usually goes into such a response.
In other words you don't actually need to think of a response as long as you just throw "n00b" into a five crap lines that usually break the rules of a forum anyway.

More often than not the user is often far worse than those they use it on.
*boy that guy's lame...I'm totally gonna tell him off.
"That'll learn 'em to goof off on UltimateSpaceFragOmniMercsElite.com This place for serious discussions on "fragging zombies in space with half naked women..."
*....now where's my penis pump and a my sweet-assed pic of Samus Aran bending over to tie her space boot.....*
by FlowersInMidgar September 28, 2006
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A n00b is a slow person who nobody likes. No skills and gets made fun of a lot. Sucks with computers, science, any kind of academic pursuit they fail at. They get laughed at a lot.
I get called a n00b by many people online.
by salvatore sonny vitale January 13, 2008
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