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Janos is shortened from Jah Knows which means god knows. Used by youngsters and the like.
Mike - "Yo what time is the bus blud"
Daniel - "janos"
by LDs October 26, 2006
A term used in online discourse to belittle and bully others. Often an expression of impatience with a game-player who might seem less than proficient, but also just a handy insult for those without the vocabulary, manners, humour, tolerance or spelling that their mums hoped they'd have by that age.
A: Oh, bother. We lost the game, possibly because of an error on the part of player B. My life extends not much further than the online game world, so obviously I'm miffed. How shall I express my frustration? With a cheerful and sporting, "We'll get 'em next time" or "Don't feel too bad"? Nah! Hey, player B: "n00b!" That told him.
by LDS November 23, 2005
Good, delicious.

(Native dialect from the movie "Naked Prey")
Someone does something well (cooks a meal, finishes their homework, washes their car, etc.), you step back, nod your head, and slowly say : Savoodi (pronounced SaVOOdi)
by Lds March 02, 2008

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