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A n00b is a game player with experience in whatever game they are playing, yet still conduct themselves with no respect for anyone else. Typically a n00b scams, irritates or in any other possible way makes life difficult for other plays. Different to a newb who is simply an inexperienced player.
Player 1: "Some n00b just scammed me!"
Player 2: "What is it with those new players anyway!? No respect!"
Player 1: "Not a newb, they're understandable, n00bs just have problems!"
by sassy kempter June 29, 2007
4 8
A n00b is a new player to a game who is a loser and talks like they own the game, when they are very bad at it. Do not confuse n00b with newb or newbie, because they are two different types of gamers.
-n00b: Io @r3 13347 ha><00ir5 5!!111111111 phre4e st0f pl09iikx!!!!111111 M3 powend u8uir m0m9m1!!! !!1111!!!!111111111 lol--lolo-lolokl llzsszzz!!!!111-111112232@@@
-Newb/Newbie: Could someone help me? I am new to the game and I would like to know more about it.
by y.a.R. September 10, 2006
32 24
An idiot Who knows nothing but what they have herd or seen. He/she will use tacctics to obtain these "secrets" by predending they know and then will get clues. In the End they make themslves look like a total retard
Hacker: Yea..
n00b: Where did U get it I got mine from "u know where"
n00b: Wouldnt want to tell every one else
Hacker: FRIKEN n00bS!!
Hacker Has Left The Game
by xghozt July 01, 2005
53 45
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler is a n00b

That n00b hitler got pwnd by Britain and Russia
9 2
Not to be mistaken for a newb, the n00b enter a chatroom or forum, causing chaos and destruction. They usually target site moderaters and beg the fuck out of them until they are banned, then they make a new account. Do not approach these strange creatures alone. Always have an anti-spyware and pop-up blocker ready incase of any viruses they try to send through your pc.
That n00b wont quit spamming in my thread... he must have been beaten as a child.
by Tabitha Massacre April 21, 2008
9 3
1. Someone who is in-experienced at something

2. A word overused by geeks with delusions of superiority who think they are cool because they have no life and play computer games 24/7. It is often, for no apparent reason, spelled with zeros instead of O's, another geek thing, e.g. n00b instead of noob.
"Ha ha ha, that kid has a life and isn't a grand master at this game like me, what a n00b!"
by Gazmaster 5000 April 16, 2009
8 3
A n00b/noob is that annoying fat kid on xbox live that is yelling at everyone through the crappy mic and ends up with the lowest kill in the history of man, they are the ones that mess up a good match by teamkilling with flamethrowers or making your team lose the match by 1 point because they accidently walked off the edge of a cliff. Usually aged 8-14 and have nothing better to do than attempting internet greatness through the exessive and pointless use of crap lolcat pictures and animations that are so over used it makes you want to vomit (ps: i love lolcats with a passion but i am referring to the ones for example the cat with a sniper rather than the funny intellegent pictures)
n00b = suckish
cartman if he played online....n00b
by 310alucard March 03, 2009
7 2
Term used by veteran or experienced members of an online community (forum, game, etc) to call out those who are less experienced, don't abide by the rule of said community (which are often arbitrary, overly detailed, and kept secret), or who otherwise do something that the experienced member doesn't like. The term is usually used primarily as a means of inflating the ego of the user, by giving him/her a sense of authority within this particular online community. Often this ego boost is sought because the protagonist has little or nothing happening in his/her "offline" life.

This term is occasionally used in non-computer related activities, such as sports. Such use is particularly despicable, and it generally serves to reduce or eliminate any respect held for the user.
Person 1: Misses a shot while playing basketball.

Person 2: Man what a n00b!!!

Person 1: Did you just say n00b?! Seriously, did you? Please
tell me you didn't. I officially have ZERO respect for you.

Person 2: Whatever, you're a looser n00b, just like all the n00bs that I call out all the time in my favorite chatroom, I have 27,879 posts there.

Person 1: Just walks away.
by jim87654321 October 18, 2007
12 7