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1. a person who uses the website frequently
2. a person who is exceptionally adept at using
1. My friend has become such a myspacer, he is on twenty-four hours a day.
2. Eddie is such a good myspacer, he is at the top of everyone's friends lists.
by Roscoe Light August 03, 2005
1) Someone whose social network consists of primarily of friends who did not graduate from college.

2) Someone who does not aspire to earn a college degree.

3) Someone who exhibits lower-class tendencies and behavior, but presumably still has access to the internet.
"Hey dude, how was the bar last night?"
"Not bad, I met a girl and took her home."
"Nice, do I know her? What's she like?"
"Probably not, she's definitely a myspacer."
"Whoa, you'd better get checked for STDs."

"What ever happened to that guy Randy from high school? He was a real fuckup."
"Who knows, he's probably a myspacer."
by WJR November 29, 2007
A girl/man who takes excellent myspace pics but when you see them in person is not that good looking.
Guy1: dude, you should check this chick out i found on myspace she's so hot!
Guy2; Bro, i know that chick. She's a total myspacer.
by bigred4430 April 05, 2009
People who spend all their life on myspace.
I have nothing aganist them. Its their choice. See myspace whores
Person 1: So..wanna go to the movies or something?
Person 2: No thanks, I'm on myspace.
Person 1: Hey do you wanna go?
Person 2: Nahhh I'm chilling on myspace.
Person 1: You freaking myspacers.
by Sammers <33 November 01, 2008
1)people who use myspace as the new bootycall.

2)will most likely have over +100n friends, and wont even know half of them

3)people who dont use facebook because they have no life.
Girl 1: "He's such a myspacer!!"
Girl 2: "You know all he wants is some booty"
Girl 1: " Should I?"
Girl 2: " Hell no, he's a creeper"
by Sarah Pheoenix March 09, 2009
a myspacer is an individual who either has their own page on myspace or goes on other peoples profiles
"Do you have myspace?"

"Are you kidding? I'm on like everyday!"

"Dude you are a total myspacer fer sureee"
by amrgkm January 30, 2009
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