Myspace is something that people do when they are to lazy to get their fat asses up out of their seats and out of their house and hang out with their friends in real life.
I have a boyfriend on myspace but i havent actually met him yet. Hes really hot but his cock is bigger than mine.
by lightpost July 19, 2006
A great networking tool for business if you can ween through the scenester kids and emo screamers.
1: "myspace sucks"
2: "It can if you're there for a fake social life. But sell something and see your sales soar."
by killahead March 19, 2006
Verb. To post a picture/bulletin/survey/piece of information onto your myspace account for public viewing
Mare916: i got new pictures developed!! they're hilarious!
guy9990: niiice!!...myspace them!!
by wizeguy9990 December 30, 2005
Cause pedophiles didn't have it easy enough they now need a website that gives away location, interests and PICTURES!!
yeah that girl i met on myspace with a wicked nice rack, well she wasn't a girl
by the sac atak December 10, 2005
It's so lame, yet so cool.
Captain Emo: Hey did you see my new Myspace picure?
Artsy Fartsy: No i didn't, what is it?
Captain Emo: It's really cool. My hair is in my eyes, my arm is outstretched holding the camera, and I look really sad.
by Chazeene13 November 06, 2005
wow, you guys have some shallow ass myspace friends.
every prior definition on this page
by with a hat April 13, 2005
Probably the worst site ever created, though, it is a very good cure for boredom. You could have no friends in real life, while having 3,000 friends on myspace. you can be 50 years old and say you are 16 on myspace.
Hey jack, what are you doing tonight?

oh, you know, just jacking off to the picture of jensyn on myspace living 1500 miles away from me.
by Btabs July 01, 2010
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