People shouldn't be so hard on Myspace. It's a good site. It’s basically a form of natural selection that helps to lower the population of stupid little spoiled rich shallow teenage girls, by having them raped and killed by internet predators.
Stupid little whore gets murdered by a myspace pedophile.
Her fault.
She should have learned how to use the internets properly.
by FlyEvolution February 20, 2006
A blog,"a place for friends",a site where you can put a bunch of random information about yourself. A site for the scene kids to put up pictures of them because they feel the need to be commented, ALWAYS. So they post 100 bulletins saying to comment their pictures and will not stop until you do so. Also known as "Scenespace"
"Hey did you see my rad new pictures on Myspace?<3"
by brownie<3 January 04, 2005
1. A place to meet new people, or show you're friends with others.

2. It sucks.
"What the fuck is up with MySpace."
by arex-kun June 04, 2005
The scenest thing going at the moment.

Camera whores post pictures of the side of thier face with thier extra heavy eyeliner on. And post a bullitin literaly begging for comments cause it's the only thing that they have to make them feel loved.
Tammy: "Hey, aren't you my friend on MyScene?"

Ron: "No, I don't have one."

Tammy: "Oh. Guess I won't be talking to you if I can't comment all you're super sexy half naked pictures. Later."
by ill kill you June 30, 2005
something that isn't worth comment.
myspace is equivalent to fanny packs, once grabbed ahold of it's a plague and pointless.
by glue mcdonald August 16, 2006
As with other blog sites, the crack of the internet. I will not admit it has conquered my soul until I make a post about my feelings.
myspace and other blog sites are for whores. Myself included.
by Jsaid January 16, 2005
1. (noun) A legal teen dating site in which many pedophiles tend to use to their advantage.

2. (noun) Common and cheap yet effective pickup line in almost every situation.

2. "Hey dont you have a myspace?"
"Aren't you my friend on myspace"
"hey I popped your myspace cherry, now let's do yours"
by CAM April 18, 2005
What started out as a website, now has become a cultural reference, laughingstock, mainly due to the large amount of freshman getting pedo'd, because they give out all their info, right down to their social security number, in hopes of gaining more "friends"
You know it's bad when the teachers are going "Shut up, or I'll delete you from my MySpace!"
by kidsxonxdrugs February 17, 2006
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