a horribly addicting website to connect with "friends" online. post pictures, post comments, add friends, talk -- basically. after a while you realize that it kinda sucks.
myspace - a new outlet for pedophiles
by bobble bobble August 21, 2005

a place where people can copy each other and look nothing in real life like they do in their pictures. Sad, sad, sad.

Also a place where music seems to be the base of everything. That, and your fuckin pictures.
OMG I've seen you before. Are you on myspace?

Fuck your scene
by The Kinison December 22, 2004
NOT your space!
Guy 1: whats that empty area that surrounds you wherever you go?
Guy 2: My space
by Devnal November 06, 2008
MySpace is a stupid and pointless web site where nothing really happens... and yet it's super addicting.
MySpace is like crack
by The Whitest Nigger Of Them All January 01, 2006
a haven for teenagers, and people pretending to be teenagers who need an ego boost and a hair cut.

myspace: a place for scene sluts.
dinoheartrobot: omgz im so sad!
xlovelikemurderx: awww why hun?
dinoheartrobot: cuz i onli gawt liek 7 frend rekwests and 9 cmts todai!
xlovelikemurderx: i got like, 10 or something. im pretty bummed too.
by rizzachael August 17, 2005
The end of life as we know it
I'm going to get on myspace and leave Karen a comment because I'm to lazy to walk 3 blocks to say hi myself.
by INeedAName November 14, 2005
Basically, the worst site in history. An addictive site were scene kids tell each other how OMG RADXCORE their hair looks and steal each others pictures/music/style.
scene kid #2: omg yeah!!!! you had the break dancing robot dinosaur, right?
by saree January 31, 2006

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