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fricken amazingly hot nd the best kisser and fucker in skool
guy1 she is the best kisser

guy 2 she is so hot she must be a myranda
by lil chy chy January 08, 2008
A girl so fly, you wouldn't believe she's real if you saw her. Gorgeous eyes, usually brunette or red head with gorgeous hair, and a smile that could warm you inside and out. Some times shes too much to handle, but shes the most gorgeous girl you'll have in your life!
god, Myranda is so gorgeous and amazing, im so glad shes in my life :)
by uuber uuber April 28, 2011
An amazing person. Smart, creative, cute, unique, adventerous, caring, and odd. An amazing singer, usually writes songs of her own. Can usually play many instruments, drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, almost anything, and can also sing, which is a weird combination. Usually brunette, sometimes blond. Almost never a redhead. Always up for adventure and always interesting, a Myranda always keeps you on your toes! Sometimes misunderstood. Not very good at math. But, the best friend that anyone could ask for!
Tim: I love her.
Eric: Who do you love?
Tim: Myranda.
Eric: You're going out with Myranda? Lucky!
Tim: Yeah, I know. :)
by iloveyoumyrandanesss February 19, 2011
a Myranda is the sexiest thing to walk on this planet, she looks amazing in anything, has a great ass and nice size breast, she is usually Blond or Brunette. a confident and lovely lady, who is down to earth and loves to get down and dirty, party animal, a myranda loves to go mudding and go down giant slip and slides, mostly attracted to assholes or Justin Bieber or Cameron Quiseng look-a-likes.

shes an amzing sex partner ands loves to try new things. she really know how to blow back hair.
wow she just blew my hair back, she must be a myranda
by Kelly Flenner November 21, 2011
A miracle very self motivated has a temper cares for others and hardworking also a natural leader.
Myranda has a strong attitude.
by mjaymoosh June 23, 2015
A species of earwig.
Generally has an annoying laugh, and many braces.
These earwigs tend to make their home on the pubic hairs.. of dead animals.
Myranda : heyyy, now i feel bad.
by KrystallyDYLAN July 27, 2008
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