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A Girl Like Animal That Is Absolutly CRAZY in Bed. She'll DO Her 'Thing' SO Good You'll Have Wished You Didnt Have Your Way WIth Her..
"Katie Fucks Like a Mynx....She Is So Wild In Bed, I Nearly Though I Died!!"
by A Smooth CriminaL November 08, 2003
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Someone or something that is fucking great or can dominate at ease
Stephanie was a mynx and easily won the skin eating contest
by tata and tommy March 12, 2006
The thing that Carly is.
I say, Carly is a mynx.
by Citizens Against Carly December 19, 2004
A retarded gnome creature. Is often killed within 1 week of birth due to its homosexual n00b behavior. Most species believe they have the AIDS virus, but are simply fooled by the large objects they have lodged in their anal canal.
Mynx, you dont have AIDS.
by syrogen January 19, 2003

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