Most valuable tweets/Most valuable twitter
A twitter account or twitter user that literally makes one want to retweet every single tweet.
Mike: Hey Tim, do you follow anyone good on Twitter?
Tim: Yeah, I just started following Drake.
Mike: Oh dude, that guy is a total pussy.
Tim: True, but he has the MVT on my timeline.
by YoGabbyGabby798 February 29, 2012
Top Definition
mvt is short for movement, regarding classical music. A song might consist of 2-5 movements.
-Hey guys! Have you heard how Wilhelm Kempff played the 2nd mvt in moonlight sonata back in 1974?

-What's he playing?
-He's playing Appassionata, 2nd mvt.
by Pontus Viberg February 24, 2008
Most Valuable Thot
She's my best friend, she's my Mvt
by Ladiee_me February 16, 2015
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