These creatures are in the same league as "wrangers"(red heads) or arguably, they could be even worse. Hailing from countries like Greece, Italy and even Lebanon (the lebs are the worse muzzas), you will be able to find these animals late at night by hearing their "sik" beats beating out of their fully sick subwoofers. Often use the words "re" "uleh" "hektik" "oh mah gawd uleh" "maria" "bella" "bro", these retards are looked down upon by society and often are the butts of jokes. A common place to discover these creatures is to go to Bell st maccas where they can be seen being "fully sick" by doing burnouts in their "mad" vl's. Chaple st is also a popular destination to find these aliens as they can be seen doing chap-laps. The suburb which is arguably the most populated by these creatures is probably Doncaster and its neighbouring suburbs. They can be found hanging outside Westfield shoppingtown taking a "ciggie break"

In terms of the appearance of these "muzzas" they are often found wearing sporting labels like Adidas, Champion and Kappa. Trackpants are a popular item. Hair product is also a must for a muzza so they can "fully spike my hair up and be muzztek so my bella thinks im fully gorgeous and also when i go clubbing all the chikybabes will stare at me and wanna get my number." You can tell if a person is muzza by simply talking to them (as they often say "re", "uleh"....etc), type of clothing they wear (adidas trackies which provide more movement in the hips when on the dancefloor shuffling), hairstyle (often spiked up so they look "fully sick" and often wear a cap (playboy or adidas or vondutch)on the top of the spiky hair) and last but not least, you can tell by seeing what their email address is as its often "" or a ""

In conclusion, when you do see a muzza, don't be afraid to approach it and call it a fag and abuse it as much as you want.
Alex: "Hey bro Scarn-on uleh?"
John-Nee: "hey im good what about you?"
Alex: "yeh re, I've been fully sick uleh, hey by the way bro this is my bella, her name is princess uleh"
John-Nee: "hey nice to meet you princess"
Princess: "hey nice to meet you too,how hot is my alex hes quite the sexy uleh boy i love him so much he's gorjuzzzzzzzz omg, hes so hot, i get so turned on when he shuffles, its so erotic"
*John-Nee slowly backs away*
Alex: "hey mate u wanna a ciggie uleh?"
John-Nee: "no i dont smoke thanks anyway"

Princess: "Oh mahh gawdd gorjuzz gimme a puff i havent had one since 5 min ago, im so craving one gorjuzz"

*princess takes a smoke of alex's ciggie*

Princess: "Oh mah gawddd its so yum uleh"

Alex: "hey bro uleh, me and my bella maria are gonna go shoppo to buy wanna come uleh? It will be fully hektick re"

John-Nee: "Nah im alright thanks"

Princess: "Ye and my gorjuzz baby sex is taking me clubbing and having dinnerwth the rest of the boys at bell st maccas uleh"

John-Nee runs off, still regretting on how he had manage to speak to a muzza and his pumpkin gf for 5 min.

by jn1991 July 23, 2008
a muzza is a person who weres fresh dada and fubu gear and the latest of all von dutch who thinks they are soo hot that they can get anything in the world they want with 1 phone call such as all there bro's to fight one poor little kid who opened his mouth at the wrong time.

They are also into shit music like techno house shit and listen to 10 minute songs even tho it repeats its self 100 times, then they will look at their freind and say something like "omg uleh this music is fully sick bro, lets go northies now, hang out infront of the cinema in the games section bro" but before they meet there connections there they must make sure that they straighten their mullet and add some colouring to it just to make sure that all the chicks notice how fucken stupid they look,and shit like that, they talk so much shit that they are actually not realising how shit their life is because they are too busy on the phone to their connections n shti like that
a definate example is anna the fully sick mad dog bitch.
for those of you who know her , she is a mad dog bitch.
for all of you who know her, next time you see her, just say EY MUZZA and she will turn around immediately, coz she's fucken KOUTA
An italian/part Italian. Resides in Astralia. Usually obsessed with cars. Enjoys underage dance parties. Says bro a lot. Constantly swearing in Italian with a short temper.


by Muzza May 13, 2003
See mutelabs for further information, and a picture of what an actual muzza looks like.
"Yo that nigga mutelabs defines the word muzza fo' sho bro."
by Nicholas February 06, 2005
strange man prowls on streets
bloody hell a filthy big muzza
by Kristofer Thomas August 25, 2003
In Egyptian, a very fine chick that you would love to fuck
mmmm, Muzza right there
by Omar Fahmy May 14, 2003
A Muzza is a insulting term, mostly used in the north west of England, against someone who is either a Muslim or from the Middle East.
Shut up you fucking Muzza !
by Worsley February 01, 2016
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