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A young male between 14-25 either Lebo, Assyrian, greek or Turk.They are usually highschool dropouts and currently working at kebab shops or building constructions.They drive old cars such as holden VL,V6, VT,Calai, Berlina, Subaru WRX, Nissan Skyline, mitsubishi Lancer '02 with turbo & subwoofers.They wear trackies and adidas or nike, kappa, puma, reebok jumpers with dunlop volleys.Their hair is over gelled, with blonde-patches, straightened with a commando or baseball cap. Muzzas use words like omg, uleh, lan, taxed,shotgun,yep, Bro, fully sik, fully hektik, awesome, sweet, say vallah bro, Cuz, habib.They listen to hardcore Trance, RnB, Rap & Wog music.They hangout at Broady, Roxc, Fawkner maccas. Roxc, Epping & Broady Cinemas. The northern suburb train stations.They spend all their money on trackies, petrol, grand theft auto, GYM, maccas & phone credit.. They have heaps of phones each one on a different network & mostly stolen. They live in the northern suburbs and ride on public tranport for free. Also they sneak movies at cinemas.Muzzas will drive with all 4 windows down, Trance on base, the driver seat in the lowest position, cap on their head, 1 hand on the fone, eyes on female pedestrians and not making any use of the mirrors. For example they drive at 80km in 60 zone, 50km over a speedbump, run redlights, drift around at nite, do a 360 at a carpark, change lanes without signalling, drive 120km on freeways, drive on neutral and bunny hop their car, if its manual.
Person a- Did you just see that car over there?

Person b- The holden calai with the silver wheels?

Person a- Yes, that guy didnt even signal and just cut through 4 cars and went through a red light!

Person b- Yeah typical muzza!
by mooncrater October 05, 2010
7 0
a person who sees himself/herself as a much better person than everyone els.
that muzza knows how to dance.
i hate Muzzas.
by jesse shababerger February 03, 2008
18 11
An italian. Usually obsessed with cars. Enjoys underage dance parties. Looks at own muscles often. Goes to the gym often. Says bro a lot. VERY ignorant
"Bro, bro. Shu, bro. Come Bell St Maccas bro. Then come gym bro. Bro, come Zos bro
by Anonymous February 11, 2003
76 71
a young male of either southern european or middle eastern descent living in the west/north suburbs of melbourne who is culturally challenged and usually has a strange obsession with any type of motor vehicles. they don't find anything remotely intelligent interesting and are usually confused people searching for an identity or their place in the world which they realise is a lot more complex once they get into their mid/late 20's.

They have a strange belief that everyone who listens to any type of rock/alternative music is a devil worshipper and usually just classify them as 'emo'. Also any male's who have an individual style or are fashion forward/trendy they see as homosexual.This despite the fact they use more hair product and straighteners than the girls they pursue in the cheesy nightclubs they attend every week.

they tend to either drop out of school early, get a job in the trades or attend tafe/secondary education. This results in their inability to speak and write grammatically and difficulties in expressing themselves correctly.The term can also be explained as an Australian version of American Guido's or English Chavs.
muzza 1: ay bro wat u doin?
muzza 2: nuffin much lan, jst gnna pik up some cloudz frm hp thn gonna meet up with da cuzins 2 fix ma car. goin CQ on tha wekend shuld be fuly sickkk braaa!
by mu1878 November 29, 2010
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a loser who listens to techno, has a mullet with blonde tips in it, tYpess LiiKEe DiiSs and is most likely an idiot and if not, pretends to be because it is 'fully sick'.
Muzza: letss go crusin and drinking wif da bois and listen to techno and shitt.
Muzza 2: Fully sick Mate
by MRS.ACKLES April 09, 2008
18 18
A Person in a work place, that does little or no work.
Does "Sick" deals for customers and takes the money and runs.

Typically they drive Nissan Silvia's or something similiar.
They also may go by the name Justin or something similiar.
You friggin Muzza
or you really muzzed up
by Davie Jones October 17, 2007
16 19
"Don't take off muzza's shoes, or stand in a five metre radius should said shoe removal take place. Muzza's often think they are sexalicous.
Muzza = Smelly Shoes, Ugly Face and a Massive Ego.
by frankie jaklolololol August 18, 2008
4 11