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Common misspelling of suRprise. Seriously stop spelling it like this it is stupider than spelling hamster with a p in it.
I suprised my hampster.
by Muzza March 10, 2007
No Action Talk Only
just like it says
by muzza November 17, 2003
A small white-haired hobbit that has a mental affliction from drinking too many vodka lemonades. May be seen pulling tramps, biting the head off a dead bird, or just plain making a fool.
Gary Leeson.

"Garf's been at the plants again, bloody hobbit"
by Muzza April 05, 2005
1. Slang for Vagina

2. Game involving removing your penis from your pants at a club or bar and placing it in someones pocket. The winner is the one who can cock pocket the longest before the pocket owner notices.
1. I want to need to get some cock pocket soon, I'm dry as fuck.

2. This club sucks, but luckily everyones wearing loose trousers so we can have a round of cock pocket.
by Muzza March 21, 2010
The act of making a good pudding, with jelly, sponge, cream and custard.
That bitch is in the kitchen again, triflin up some fine puddins.
by Muzza March 21, 2008
An italian/part Italian. Resides in Astralia. Usually obsessed with cars. Enjoys underage dance parties. Says bro a lot. Constantly swearing in Italian with a short temper.


by Muzza May 13, 2003
Fudge Packer Syndrome. A common mental state brought on by inserting your penis into too many anal passages.
Mark gercken has come down with FPS boys, i'm afraid he'll have to be kept isolated from men for a few weeks.
by Muzza March 10, 2005

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