When you need to do a crap.
Person 1- Hey, you wanna go to the movies?
Person 2-Hang on, I musturd.
#musturd #must #turd #mustard #crap
by Harpz October 23, 2008
Top Definition
The dried up crust on the tip of a mustard bottle
Gross! There's a musturd on my hotdog!
#turd #mustard #hotdog #buzz #crust
by Buzz Berry December 05, 2007
The hard leftover mustard always on the top of a mustard squeeze bottle.
Knock the musturd off the bottle please.
#biscuit #baloney #turd #ham #eggs
by mustard biscuits September 01, 2010
what you yell when you're in a church confessional with hershey squirts.
God Damnit father I musturd.
by Ralliart May 09, 2005
Kryptonite for Rake Yohn.
I hate fucking musturd.
by Ian November 21, 2003
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