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The most beautiful girl in existence. A fun, bubbly person that loves her country. The kind of girl that sticks in your head and whenever she is near you can't help but smile. Another word for her is goddess. She is every guys dream girl.
Chad: Bro i fucked amelia last night.
Me: Thats nothing, i went out with muskaan last night and she hugged me.
Chad: wow, dude you lucky ass I'm so jealous.
by thatguy547 February 13, 2012
They are trouble some people that love Indians!!!!yea boii!!!they love to dance and have a good time. But never tell then you love frogs on Tuesday, or they will beat you to death!!!!
Person 1: o, hi

Muskaan: I love Indians!

Person 1: fag.
by funk master 3000!!! October 08, 2010

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