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A Sex-God. One who excels at being good in bed. Real ladies dig him.
Woman: "Oh My God that Ninad. Why is he so hot!"

*pant pant*
by lovedance April 10, 2015
When a female goes buck crazy on you for doing absolutely nothing. Yelling, screaming, crying, hitting, etc....
You went out to a club with the boyz last night. Your girfriend got a little crazy and showed up there while you were shooting pool with another female. Your girlfriend grabs you by your shirt, drags you outside, grabs your throat and smacks you in the eye.

The next day you have a big ole black eye, scratches, etc. You go to your boyz house and they asked what happened and you reply, "I got Nina'd"!
by intelligentone November 28, 2006
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