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Having gained popularity amongst a small web community in Phoenix, AZ, CHEP came to be a word which described something of despicable quality being "too cheap to afford the 'a'"
What kind of chep drive has the platters crash on its first day of use?
by Jordan Emerson July 12, 2005
French slang for "Je ne sais pas" (I don't know)
-"do you want to go to town tonight?"
-"Cheps man, I'll have to see what my girlfriend is doing.."
by mattsids February 09, 2014
Council housed and educated pleb
That chep stole my car... typical of those sorts of people. chav scum disgusting ugly cheap poor ned bam plebiscite plebeian pleb council
by Ads37262 September 16, 2012
a chav + a prep

A person who mixes sterotypically 'chavvy' clothing with stereotypically 'preppy clothing'
for example boat shoes, geek glasses, rolled up jeans (preppy) mixed with high tops, flat peaks, chunky gold jewellery

Someone who has prodominantly urban taste in clothes and music but with a hint of preppyness.

1) that boy is such a chep

2) that girl has really cheppy style
by sianie November 05, 2010
A word that a bunch of fucktards in a backalley suburb full of crackheads think is actually a real word because some guy's crazy older brother told them it is while completely missing his sense of humor. Usually, anything chep costs about $2.99 but not 3 dollars. If it costs more than $2.99 it is no longer cheap, however it depend's who is paying (I'm not). If it's free, it's considered a gift.
Really cool guy: "Hey Adam, fucked any chep whores lately?"

Adam: "No. But I did order some chep takeout pussy from the Dirty Shwa. The pussies are located inside Evan's friend's buttholes and I have to plunge them out with my BBC. Which is white BTW but black at the same time."

Really cool guy: "OMG. How are you going to pull this off?"

Adam: "First I'll talk dirty to them and make them think they are giving me pussy for chep. They will pay their own way here, expecting a small return on their travel expenses. Then when they least expect it... WHAM! Knock him unconscious and shove unleavened bread loaves into his sinuses. They will expand while he's sleeping and his head will explode".

Really cool guy: "Wow Adam, That's not very generous. You're turning your chep pussy into a gift for yourself... it's not even Xmas bro"

Adam: "Whatever. Santa is an asshat. Plus Xmas in July is coming soon, you never have to be good for that."
by Addled Antler March 09, 2014
Perhaps the crooked ingrates at the Phoenix web community claim the word, but if u choose to believe, the ancient word was discovered in the Mausoleum of S'jin A'luk... scriptures saying that the word "cheap" was too "chep" to afford the "A".
When sitting around with some friends you say "cheeeeeep" recognizing it as an annoying sound. The whole situation then becomes too chep for words. Chep ^_)^ always remember cheeeeeeep... ^(_^
A chep is another word for a "plug". If you want to insult someone you call them a chep. It is not suppose to be to offensive but it should send out the point.
Planeta: Hey marko what's up!
Marko: Planeta you are a chep
by marko djurdjevic March 28, 2008