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Ruined by MTV
We must save music
by Shaq November 07, 2003
Where the President of the United States resides
President Bush
by SHAQ September 22, 2003
Mainstream Television
I wonder when my sister will snap outta that "MTV shows good music phase"
by Shaq November 11, 2003
You don't know his name, but it was "that one dude"
Dude 1- "Oh it was that one dude who was a b-baller and raped that chick"

Dude 2- "Kobe Bryant"

Dude 1- "Ya that dude"
by Shaq October 29, 2003
The hood name for Christopher Reeve
C-Reeve can fly real high
by Shaq December 29, 2004
The hood name for Superman
Supez tha 6'4" shaqqed ass
by Shaq December 29, 2004
A popular phrase to use when mimicking Vietnamese dialect.
I was making fun of my vietnamese friend about being cheap, so I said to him: "guc tao win woodbridge."
by shaq June 20, 2004
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