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Stuff that makes even the most constipated individual have an ass explosion.
I took some Metamucil an hour ago and ended up with the worst intestinal contractions known to man.
by Terri March 02, 2004
A person who will do anything to please another or will copy them.

Can also be used as a verb : licking bum.
You: "I like dat TV show, it's well safe."
Friend: "Yeah innit, well safe."
You "Ah, you're just a lick bum."
by Terri March 05, 2005
When a dude slaps his dick in a chics face and leaves a mushroom imprint.
Bill mushroomed that bitch good.
by Terri March 02, 2004
Similar to Metamucil but a bit worse. This shit will make you shit oil outta your ass for weeks!!
My grandma takes mineral oil and has frequent underwear accidents.
by Terri March 02, 2004
One that gets horny from fruit.
You should see Jen when she is around bananas.
by Terri March 02, 2004
usually found in farms in south vietnam, and runs his own version of ebay, most commonly involving young vietnemiese farm hands that he will sell for some "hot loving"
"whos that old cong down the road?"
"oh, thats uncle charlie"
by Terri April 22, 2004
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