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The solid twatting of a ho's face by the bulbous bell-end belonging to an erect nob. It is either an act of intense passion and loving for the mushroomed one, or an act of anger at the dislike of an unagreeable technique used during oral sex. If the face is struck hard enough with the familiar mushroom shape of said bell-end, then a bruise will be left (see mushroom welt).
"Man that hussy was a fine piece of ass, but when she started using teeth down there, I had to pull out and give her a stern mushrooming."
by Mo'$ the 2nd May 30, 2005
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Also called mushroomin. Mushrooming is popular springtime activity amongst midwesterners (enthusiasts are also known as shroomers) where they traipse through heavily wooded areas in search of morel mushrooms. Mushrooms are harvested and taken home to be soaked in salt water to kill insect inhabitants, dredged in flour and fried.
Wanna go mushrooming?
We went mushroomin and found two 8 inchers.
Do you want to come to dinner? We found a mess of mushrooms.
by Your shoes get muddy December 27, 2016
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