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Where you go when you are tagged while playing the children's game Duck-Duck-Goose. Typically located at the center of the circle. You have to sit there until somebody else gets tagged. Often misspelled as "stew pot".
Billy's dress get torn when he went to sit down in the mushpot
by Billy Bramaphone June 22, 2008
the center of a circle in such games as duck-duck goose; a quagmire of sorts where a person is stuck in the middle
1. As a child, Betsy used to play a game where she and her friends could only walk on furniture and materials on the floor that were not the carpet. Anyone who fell off or touched the carpet got put in the mushpot until someone else failed.

2. Q: "Where are we going to sit the new engineer? We have no space."
A: "Well, we could put him in the mushpot."
by katerpiddah February 06, 2015
An extreme amount of hair on a bear-sized man. This amount of hair can only be achieved by a select few. There are 3 requirements.

1. You must be addicted to Video Games, Chinese food, and Rick Astley.

You also have to live in Oak Park.
Ryan's hair looks like a Mushpot.

Holy Shit, look at the Mushpot growing on top of his head!

I can't see his face, his damn Mushpot is in the way.

by Derkimus VonGrummington III May 21, 2007
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