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4 definitions by Necroyeti

/mu/ is a music imageboard on 4chan consisting of nothing but heated discussions about metal albums that no-one has heard, rap-hatred, Tom Waits-love, and liberal spamming of Dragonforce or Neutral Milk Hotel songs/album covers/information.

The aim of the board is to prove to others that you have a more obscure taste in music than anyone else. The one who has the most pretentious/obscure taste wins, but no one ever wins. Also posting Insane Clown Posse is an instant fail.

It is also the most pretentious thing since Dragonforce.

Anime_Expert.jpg also originated from /mu/. Whenever someone talks about Japanese music, he appears. Though, the picture is so damn exploitable, it's been modified many times over, and is mainly used when someone makes a statement that is stereotypical of fans of the genre/band. This post is then copied, then posted with the corresponding expert.
Your favorite band sucks. If you've forgotten, /mu/ is happy to remind you. Made exclusively for discussing trv kvlt Black Metal, Daft Punk, and Dragonforce
by Necroyeti April 06, 2008
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1. A popular and almost ubiquitous supermarket chain in Britain.

2. A form of dance music influenced by both Techno and Disco. The name is a portmanteau of these two names (Techno + Disco = Tesco)
1. I'm going to Tesco to buy some milk.

2. I'm listening to some good ol' Tesco.
by Necroyeti December 24, 2006
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A symbol meaning "plus or minus" (or "give or take"), ± is used to denote the uncertainty in the value of a figure. It is primarily used in Physics experiments to account for any inaccuracy in the measuring/readings and any random errors that can occur which may affect the results obtained. However, it is also used in Engineering, Medicine, Chemistry, Mathematics and pretty much anything where numbers and/or experimentation are used.

The symbol can be typed on a keyboard by pressing alt+753
(1.65 ± 0.05)m

(500 ± 5)mg/dose C9H8O4 was administered to patient X

by Necroyeti April 26, 2007
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1. To ejaculate into the mouth of one's partner and shake their head about, much like one would shake a snowglobe.

2. A literary technique/trope where the ending of a work of fiction reveals that the story (or part of it) had taken place within the mind of a single character. Taken from the infamous finale of 80s medical drama St. Elsewhere, which revealed that the entire six season show had been imagined by an autistic boy staring into a snow globe containing the "hospital" inside it. More often used in a cynical context to connotate lazy writing, rather than a well executed plot twist.
1. I totally snow globed this chick last night, shit was SO cash!

2. The film was reaching its climax, then revealed the whole thing was just a snow globe. Man, what a cop out!
by Necroyeti May 24, 2010
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