A sound muttered when ones finger is touched to the tip of another's nose. A great answer to any question.
Bethany: "Why are we here?"

God: "Murp."
by Tggb3k September 01, 2006
Top Definition
Used to imply contentness . Also a good way to respond to a question without giving an answer.
Contentness - After enjoying a cold drink "murp" , after a something is said in your favor "murp"

Nonanswer - Dad : "Son, are you going to mow that lawn today?" Son : "murp"
by oztastico June 15, 2009
Noun. A person with a noticable personality deficiency. More than just boring, a Murp has difficulty inciting interest in any way possible.
"That guy is such a Murp"
"Its Murpsville around here"
by Simon Dunne August 02, 2006
an exclamation of extreme emotion!
I just failed my class murp!
by blondefemale April 27, 2010
borderline worse than the F-word
dont ever say it in public
not to be confused with the totally meaningless and harmless "merp"
You: "Ah murp!"
Everyone else: "OMG! I can't believe she just said that!"
by jaymob April 24, 2015
I am freaking confused and uncomfortable
John- I like you a lot
Emily- murp
by 😇 January 01, 2015
Another word for whatever, not caring, you're rude or anything else that describes how a person feels in the situation.
A: Unblock your sister from twitter.

C: Murp! not going to happen.


T: I don't like your hair.

J: MURP! *rolls eyes*
by Cookiee D'OriginialMonster August 16, 2012
the dead skin that forms at the tip of the upper lip.
The little girl picked her brother's murp from his mouth.
by scriptator March 04, 2015

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