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A sound muttered when ones finger is touched to the tip of another's nose. A great answer to any question.
Bethany: "Why are we here?"

God: "Murp."
by Tggb3k September 01, 2006
Used to imply contentness . Also a good way to respond to a question without giving an answer.
Contentness - After enjoying a cold drink "murp" , after a something is said in your favor "murp"

Nonanswer - Dad : "Son, are you going to mow that lawn today?" Son : "murp"
by oztastico June 15, 2009
Noun. A person with a noticable personality deficiency. More than just boring, a Murp has difficulty inciting interest in any way possible.
"That guy is such a Murp"
"Its Murpsville around here"
by Simon Dunne August 02, 2006
an exclamation of extreme emotion!
I just failed my class murp!
by blondefemale April 27, 2010
Another word for whatever, not caring, you're rude or anything else that describes how a person feels in the situation.
A: Unblock your sister from twitter.

C: Murp! not going to happen.


T: I don't like your hair.

J: MURP! *rolls eyes*
by Cookiee D'OriginialMonster August 16, 2012
a unique method of gas release through the mouth by a person name mitch.. mitch + strange burp = murp
rachael - what was that sound???
Mitch- ohh... I just murped.
by bob dylan yellow AKA chicken August 01, 2011
A sound or expression used when you're extremely scared or just freaked out (possibly by something lame).

Strange, weird, retarded.
*On the internet*
Person A: And she took a photo of herself in her bra, and posted it in her profile.
Person B: Murp. :S

Badger: Yeah, the way he sniffed her hair was very murp.
by gelizzle June 09, 2005
A cross between a meowing and purring, or chirping, noise a cat makes. Also known as a chirp or trill.
Me: Max, come get your treat
Max: Murp!

The cat went "murp" instead of meowing.
by meow2u3 November 24, 2008