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Stop behaving immaturely. Said to adults who are acting like overgrown children and to school-age children who are acting like overgrown toddlers.
It's time for you to get serious and stop being silly. Grow up, pal! Act your age, not your shoe size!
by meow2u3 February 23, 2008
1. State-sponsored totalitarian control of women and/or children, characterized by flagrant sexist double standards, authorities turning a blind eye to domestic violence, rape, and pedophilia--but only when men do it, and intolerance of freedom of religion, speech, and assembly, among other undesirable things.
No wonder Bush and the Saudis are so tight! They both share the same idea of family values--blame the rape victims and victims of domestic violence for "allowing" themselves to be victimized by male predators twice their size, as if the women were the criminals instead of the real perps--the rapists and wife-beaters who get off scot-free!
by meow2u3 November 21, 2007
Corporate use of slave labor in third world countries ruled by dictators, for the express purpose of avoiding American taxes.
No wonder so many corporate executives are billionaires! If not for outsourcing and free trade, they would have to pay their fair share of taxes and end up mere millionaires!
by meow2u3 November 27, 2007
The urban counterpart to trailer trash. A nonracist description of the the speech, dress, mannerisms, and/or behavior of the low-class urban poor, regardless of race or ethnicity.

A typical piece of ghetto garbage can be identified as such: males wear pants or shorts three or four sizes too big, hanging halfway down their behinds, with their underwear showing; females are often seen with shirts small enough for their little kid sisters to fit into. Both sexes speak as if they were illiterate wannabe rappers, curse practically every other word, and are often loud enough to wake the dead! These people show no class whatsoever.

They try put on a "tough" act, trying to intimidate civilized human beings, but in fact it's all a cover to overcompensate for their intellectual inadequacy. Ghetto garbage show no respect for their elders or legitimate authority figures, but they will brownnose sociopaths and other violent criminal types.
Ghetto garbage inhabit not only the inner cities, but also are on the rise in suburban and even rural areas.
That sagging Roca Wear doesn't look right on me. It makes me look like ghetto garbage!

Cut out that ghetto talk, kid! I didn't raise you to be ghetto garbage!
by meow2u3 May 22, 2009
A group of small, very young kittens, often depicted in lolcats cutely performing activities generally reserved for adult humans. Alternatively spelled itteh bitteh kitteh committeh.
A feline parody of itty bitty titty committee
The itty bitty kitty committee is plotting a surprise attack on their mommy kitty in 3,2,1....
by meow2u3 May 22, 2009
Under the influence of catnip (describing a stoned cat).
I tried to get Max to calm down and quit pouncing on me, but he was nipped and ended up using my ankle as prey.
by meow2u3 July 29, 2009
A food, commonly thought of as a vegetable, which is actually a fruit because it contains seeds.

(Fruit + vegetable)
Contrary to popular belief, tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini are not vegetables, but fregetables
by meow2u3 July 23, 2008

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