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Some person on Facebook who has been leaving a lot of comments on your posts. However this is a person who you never hang out with in real life. Therefore he/she is a Best Facebook Friend For Right Now.
Yo, whose this girl blowing you up on Facebook recently?

I just met her. She's my BFFFRN.
by andkeepitdown August 07, 2010
ugly, gross, not attractive
That girl over there is really hot.

No way man, she's skuh.
by andkeepitdown May 11, 2010
An expression used when something in life or pop culture becomes so annoying that it passes the point of being tolerable. Can relate to people, places, things and actions.

pronounced Ahhuuuh!
That guy over there still has his sunglasses on his face while he's indoors. That guy is such an uh!

Brett Favre flip-flopping on deciding to retire is such an Uh!

I just dropped my my ice cream spoon on the carpet....UH!
by andkeepitdown February 05, 2010
A derogatory term used on set by non-union actors to describe other actors that are members of the Screen Actors Guild, or SAG.
Mike: Why can't the Non Union go to lunch yet?

Drew: Cause the saggots get to go through the line first.

Mike: Man I wish I was a saggot.
by andkeepitdown February 06, 2010
The hypothetical sound a person in a wheelchair makes when they whiz by you at an extremely rapid pace.
I was crossing the street, and then out of nowhere this guy in a wheelchair murped in front of me and cut me off! What an asshole!
by andkeepitdown February 06, 2010

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