To be at a disadvantage in any concourse of competition that pertains to self preservation and come out victorious by either killing or eluding. A derivative of the term merc which doesn't necessarily focus on status classification but instead identifies the primitive emotions and personality of survival that one must undertake to win.
3 on 1 and you still lost? You all got fuckin murked.
by roushie September 08, 2008
To be messed up badly or to have been assualted brutaly

To have been sexed up alot
The guy was murked after de 5 guys beat de shit out of him

she got murked by her ex unitl she was in alot of pain
by Acidplanet_Member September 28, 2005
To put to shame or to lower in standards.
I fucking murked that dude and his whole clan when I took 'em all out.
by kevin gilmore April 21, 2005
Murked an adjective meaning ugly.
Guy:see that girl
Guy 2: what one?
Guy: the murked one
Guy 2: ewww
by just-an-average-bitch December 14, 2012
a white kid who wishes he was a black albino with a extreemley small penis
man i wish i was murked
by hello1234567 September 05, 2008
to kill, destroy or consume in a fast manner.
He was so hungry, he murked the whole pizza.
by Drew DH March 18, 2007
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