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To be messed up badly or to have been assualted brutaly

To have been sexed up alot
The guy was murked after de 5 guys beat de shit out of him

she got murked by her ex unitl she was in alot of pain
by Acidplanet_Member September 28, 2005
Murked an adjective meaning ugly.
Guy:see that girl
Guy 2: what one?
Guy: the murked one
Guy 2: ewww
by just-an-average-bitch December 14, 2012
to be extremely stoned to the point of uncontrollable fits of laughter, chink eyes, and nonsensical thoughts.
Stoner: Yo dude, I was so murked last night, I smoked like 3 grams to my faaaace.
by apexpredator420 February 02, 2012
Jay: Dude, i havnt been this blasted since college man.
Bob's parrot: Ya dude, You look murked.
by zomatrocity January 21, 2011
When you completely fubar (Fucked up beyond any recognition) something. Also used in a sexual matter.
I straight murked that ass up last night cuhhh.
by Austin Vaught November 02, 2010
the act at which one attempts to fight two demons and loses
wow i got murked by those demons
by theguywhowonagainstthedemons October 25, 2010