to kill, destroy or consume in a fast manner.
He was so hungry, he murked the whole pizza.
by Drew DH March 18, 2007
Someone who was killed in a vicious manner.
Man that guy that lived around the corner from me got murked last night buy some dude with a sledge hammer, his head cracked open.
by DetroitSlang May 14, 2003
A phrase usually said after some one who has been verbaly beat down
It is used by a bistander who witnesses the put down
One who says "murked" after "murking" one, is a cockey bitch and should be shuned
Loser "ouch that hurts"
Carlos "thats what ur momma said last night"
Innocent bistander "Murked"

by Nick Calabro April 09, 2007
"fucked" or "fucked up"
I murked that sweet ass the other day

What Happened to him? He's murked!
by Big Daddy Dee April 13, 2003
To get drunk, or to be drunk
"Man, I got so murked last night!"

"Is he okay? He looks a bit murked."
by Lyncho December 13, 2006
To succesfully pull off a practical joke on somebody
"Oh my days Wayne, you just got Murked"
by Rio Ferdinand June 11, 2006
A combination of getting "murdered" and "worked" in something
I just got murked in basketball by a black guy.
by D train 07 August 20, 2006

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