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to masterbate in public.
Pee Wee Herman murdocked at the movies and got arrested.
by bread infection November 10, 2005
To soil your pants or shart while pulling yourself into a large truck or SUV.
I was pulling myself into the rig and completely Murdocked myself. shart
by squatchyman May 28, 2012
To have sex for an hour, not cum and knock your girlfriends belly button ring out...
Dude did you pull a Murdock last night?
by schu86 April 28, 2009
A ten to twenty inch deepthroat.
Al: Wow, did you hear about Jonathan giving that black guy a Murdock?

Kareem: Yeah, I sure did.
by Bignig69 March 14, 2008
To destroy the atmosphere of a party with idiotic acts caused by either drugs or alcohol.
The drunk fool murdocked up the situation when he begin to ramble on about matters that he knew little about.
by Elduderreno May 22, 2005
A Little sissy bitch who Likes to hide in new Zealand Playing video Games and act Like a BigShot Also tries to act like he's very intellectual but only succeeds in destroying friendships and relationships. he Gets Off on it. Never has a pot to piss in and has Always leeched off everyone else's good will until he's used them up and doesn't need them anymore. Then he becomes a Backstabber. Beware
Murdock = Leech, User, Backstabber, Drama King, Destroyer of Friendships, Little big Man
by Tit for Tat you Little Biatch August 04, 2009
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