(Verb) When two guys dig up a dead woman and soak her in a bathtub for a while, then one eats her out while the other one pushes on her stomach.
"Oh god.. That kid is here? He's such a munger."
by Subnet-Zero May 06, 2004
\Mung\·ing, n. Hind. m?ng. (Bot.)

1. When a mother bird eats the green gram (Phaseolus Mungo), and regurgitates them to her babies, to feed them.

2. Something kids made up to make everybody go "ewww!" and tell their friends at parties.
1. And here, you can see the mother bird "munging", as to provide supplements to her babies, who are simply too young to feed themselves.

2. I'll be munging your mother, and mungling her too.
by Camera J November 17, 2005
The active form of the verb munge, meaning to fail or otherwise fall victim to accident resulting in bodily injury. Rarely used to describe damage to property.
Billy munged the landing of his jump because he forgot to pull up on the handlebars at the end of the ramp.

Stop you fucks! You're munging the car door towing that shopping cart!
by Joe Tucker August 08, 2005
the act in which 2 individuals dig up a newly buried corpse (best when dead 2-3 weeks) and lay the body down on its back. then one individual places his/hers mouth on the body's anus while the other precedes to get a running start and jumps on the body feet first. whatever comes out is called MUNG.
If you like to eat MUNG, then go MUNGING as often as possible...

Fat Dead People are Best.
by B-Hint May 18, 2004
To Mung- to skip school or lessons.
Schoolgirl 1- Are you munging next lesson?
Schoolgirl 2- what've we got?
Schoolgirl 1- Maths.
Schoolgirl 2- Hell yeah!
by uwanttruthitellz May 10, 2009
Munging v. Eating

Munging adj. Hungry, or wanting food
I'm munging for a steak.

I'm munging on a steak.
by Dr. Roberto Le Camembert February 23, 2009
Doing nothing much at all just hanging around with no agenda, going with the flow of things, relaxing, vegging out
Today I am having a day munging around the house.
by Tinkerbell & Squidge March 19, 2007

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