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to orally stimulate the penis; a girl who frequently gives head; head; a common insult to a female;
"Man that girl gives the troat"

"That bitch stole my man! Little troater..."

Man #1-"Man i met this fine ass girl yesterday."
Man #2-"She troat?"

Man #1-"Troat me bitch wouldya please."
Girl #2-"Okay."
by Cpoptart33 November 02, 2007
Slang pronunciation of "Throat". Derived from Carribbean patois (Jamaican).
"Yo guy, I'll cut your troat!"
by D-Money April 21, 2004
A mystical creature, that dwells in the high mountains. Its is said to be a hybrid between a goat and a troll. these creatures are very powerful and majestic and should be avoided at all costs.
That Troat fucked up the goblin village!

Troat!!! Troat!!!! Troat!!!
by dougie D Doodles May 15, 2011
The opposite of throat, i:e an arsehole
That curry was so hot, the next morning I burnt my Troat.
by Rockerbilly May 24, 2011

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