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An all-around pleasurable experience. Can make your ribs hurt from laughter and make your eyes cross with orgasmic delight. Soft and warm to cuddle with and a Deana can beat you at sports too. A rare find.
Have you ever dated a Deana? Dude, you're missing out!
by XeeBee November 03, 2007
a sweet, loving friend who always does what she can to help you out. I <3 her to death! Love you girl!
Wow, Deana is a BEAST!
by Her Bar Buddie April 03, 2009
She is the girl you can go to when somethings bringing you down. You can trust her 100%, and she won't tell a soul your secret. She's an amazing best friend, and she's beautiful in ANYONE'S eyes. She makes the guys drop dead. Everyone loves Deana because she's AMAZING.
She can be a drama queen at times and she is BOY CRAZY (Also known as the love guru) who you can come to in times of need. Boy problems are Deana's specialty.
BFF: Deana is the best. <3
Other girl: I wish I was Deana!!
by friends4everbabe December 11, 2011

A girl who is very clumsy. She's fun to be around and can make anyone laugh. She makes everything fun, also.

She has blue eyes and often comes to school with only one contact in because she dropped the other one on the floor at home and it burned her eye.
She's hilarious in English class and can make anything hilarious!
Person 1: "Hey, dude, did you see Deana trip down the stairs today?"
Person 2: "No, but it doesn't surprise me."
by awesomegirl123456789 September 24, 2010
A deana is a flat chested whore with no life they also have pure black eyes with a snake for a tounge and a mouth as a vagina
Ewww its deana run for your life

(In japan) ahhh godzilla x2
by goofseamen June 13, 2015
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