Munchkin: a munchkin is a nick name given to a usually a dark, short girl who loves to dance and has a unusual obsession with turtles, a munchkin is usually a little crazy but has a lot of friends who love her. a munchkin is usually best friends with girls names amber and kylee and kayla. a munchkin is the sweetest cutest girl you will ever meet.
"whos the new girl"

"idk but i talked to amber and she said she was an awesome munchkin"

by ME!BITCHES March 16, 2010
A cute, fluffy furball
Leander: Bye-bye munchkin
Megan: I take great offense to that!
Leander: No, it's a good thing, it's a cute fluffy furball, my friend told me so.
Megan: Ohh, ok. I see now!
by Magoo! December 31, 2008
My beautiful blonde pommy fiancee.
I'm going to dismantle Munchkin's big truck.
by bundy bear February 06, 2008
Small person, more affectionately know as a midget
look down there, there are fucking Munchkin's everywhere, little bastards!

Look at that Munchkin over there, lets go and kick him in the swede
by Chris Lomas August 18, 2006
Singer Paul Williams,or a clone of his;something out of Oz,either Billy Barty or a convicted felon.
Damn Oscar,that runt Paul Williams looks and sounds just like a MUNCHKIN.
by Addis Ababa November 29, 2003
the cousin of a leprechaun
by o0o March 24, 2003
A lovelly little sexy lady !
What a munchkin!
by Denz February 04, 2003
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