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39 definitions by jeffbo

A silly act or something that hasnt become re-diculous therefore it is diculous if it happens only once.
Thats a pretty diculous thing you did Jane.
by jeffbo April 07, 2009
Invoking Jesus's name with the awesome power of a catylitic converter.
Jesus cat cracking christ Martha ! All of Bertha's children have 2 left feet !
by jeffbo April 29, 2009
1.) A place on a desk or table where someone has wiped a booger or stuck a peice of gum usually under the top of the desk.

2.) A small knobbly rock or hard mineral cluster, such as a Booger or gum nodule usually found under a counter top, table, or desk top.

Obamma spent the evening removing George Bush's deskdules.
by jeffbo April 07, 2009
The dark area around the base of a hemorrhoidal ointment injector tube.
Hey baby, what is this ring around the toothpaste tube, 'Oh, sorry darling, I didnt mean to leave it on the sink top, that's my butt ring on my hemorrhoidal ointment injector tube.
by jeffbo March 27, 2009
1.) Same as "Shit on a Shingle"

4½ oz. spam
1 cups milk
2 tbs. butter
¼ cup flour
Salt and pepper
6 slices bread
Melt butter in pan, add Spam. Cook 2-3 minutes to brown. Add flour and mix with dried beef . Add milk (reserve ¼ cup for later), salt & pepper. Bring to boil. Add remaining milk to thin to your desired likeness. Serve over toast or waffles.
Hey sweetle, that was some good crap on a shingle.
by jeffbo April 10, 2009
1.) A can of crap is a bad, troubling situation arising when a decision or action and produces considerable subsequent problems. If you open a can of crap, you do something that will cause a lot of problems and is probably going to cause more trouble.

2.) A can that is full of crap.

Yeah Frank, I was at the meeting when they read the financial statement, and Frank, if they ever find out we capitalized a loss, it's going to open up a can of crap.
by jeffbo April 10, 2009
The structure created under a sheet or cover caused by an erection.
Jerry was sound asleep, but judging by his willytent, he must have been having a wet dream.
by jeffbo April 07, 2009