the cousin of a leprechaun
by o0o March 24, 2003
A lovelly little sexy lady !
What a munchkin!
by Denz February 04, 2003
a lil kid that realy pisses you off by being able to do everything better then you... Take snowboarding for instance... your screeming down the slope and this 5 year old on a 3foot long board will scream past you doing aobut 500mph.. usuly the decided to turn right infront of you witch means you have to take avoiding action..


a newb to a pc game that just acts like a twat most of the time.. goes around TKing on throwing nades at themselvs lol
'Omfg what a munchkin!'
by Deano February 12, 2004
like a blumpkin only the roles are reversed. the girl sits on the toilet and while taking a shit the guy eats her out
he gave her th ebest munchkin ever last night
#female blumpkin #blumpkin #shit #eat #pussy
by lee1313 March 09, 2006
a cute thing you with to have sex with
He's such a munchkin
by zaccaz August 04, 2005
A shitty litte person, like miniature adult but with a worse temper.
That munchkin keeps pissing and moaning about getting his ass kicked by kids.
by Sam January 24, 2003
The little voices in the song i did you wrong by mims(which the lyrics are hidden so we cant find them)
Me and Giselle listen to the song i did you wrong all the time and laugh when the munchkins start sayin i did you i did you wrong.
by Maegis June 16, 2004
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