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To have a bad reaction to monosodium glutamate (MSG), a white crystalline compound used as a flavor enhancer in foods.
Ow, my stomach lining! I've been MSG'd!
by Ehrik August 03, 2003
A general term referring to any food; esp. snack foods.
1. I could use a little munch to go with these sips.

2. Let's call a dominion and get a little munch.

3. This is some tres good munch.
by Ehrik March 15, 2004
A general term that refers to any beverage except coffee. Oddly enough, it can refer to frozen coffee drinks.
1. Let's go to the refrigerator and grab us some sips.

2. I needs me a bit of sips.

3. I could could for some sips to go with my munch.
by Ehrik March 15, 2004
To call Domino's to order a little food (esp. pizza).
1. I'm hungry. Let's call a dominion.

2. We needed some munch so we called a dominion.
by Ehrik March 15, 2004
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