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The way british/australian people say 'mom'.
kid1: *in british accent* "I luv me mum!"

kid2:"I love my mom!"
by Some_Girl387 June 01, 2005
1. synonym of mother
2. silence
His mum and dad are very angry with him.

Keep mum = Stay silent

You better keep mum.
He kept mum about this secret,

Mum's the word! (Used to order someone that they must never reveal the secret)
by English_dictionary January 05, 2013
A word that's actually spelt wrong because the British were so butthurt about us dumping their tea
"Mum, why does the ocean taste like tea?"
by peepwhitesides July 04, 2013
the stuff that comes out of a pregnant woman when you push down on her stomach, according to the new york punks from south park
awww dude yesterday some dude pushed all the mum out of this chicks stomach, it was hella gross!
by SPanky from GBDIZZLE June 16, 2007
What the british people say insted of the yanks who think we r all stuck up & that way say it wrong because we dont say "mom". The BRITISH invented the whole fucking language yew speaks so respect it and dont fucking change it.
(Y)British kid(Y):Hey mum, just going in town for a bit be back at 4

Yank:Hey mom-im gonna go and die now-be back later.
by (Y)pookie(Y) May 14, 2007
bitch who is always yelling at her children to do something she should fkn do herself.

the example is up to you to decide.
by pissed off at mother. September 11, 2009
The correct shortening of 'mother'. Stupid Americans stole our language and took letters out of almost every word and changed letters, this included, turning it into 'mom'. Idiots.
British: Hello mum! Americans are gay.

American: omgz! mom he caled me gay.!!1111!11wtf
by Thewin August 27, 2007