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A word americans don't know how to spell

Also townies use the phrase 'your mum' as an insult
me: fuck off
Townie: your mum
by AAA July 16, 2004
calculater joke i learned in 3rd grade
A woman's boobs weighed 69 pounds,
which she though was 2, 2, 2 much.
So she went down 51st street
to see DR. X
he gave her 8 pills.....which left her....

6922251x8= BOOBLESS
by AAA January 08, 2004
Slappa Slag tart hoe and a window licker
Hi, Im nat natz and im a dopey fool - Hiya!
by aaa September 30, 2003
To cover one's nutsac with tabasco sauce and proceed to teabag (put your balls on one's forehead) another person so that it stings their eyes.
How do your eyes feel after i texas teabagged you?
by aaa December 24, 2004
sum 1 who is really rich and spends all of there time telling people about it.
you little posh cunt
by aaa October 24, 2003
(n) 1.(slang) a male semen.
2.(slang) a female vaginal liquid.
(v)(slang) to ejaculate; to masturbate.
(prep) {Latin} and; as well as
by aaa January 28, 2004
An extremely shallow vain and/or vapid girl, covered with much makeup, that shows up to a club wearing shoes that can only be used for starring in a porn, cuz they certainly ain't for dancin'. aka:chickee-poo
Yo, check out the bippie at the bar, her frickin' thong is stickin' out above her skirt. Twit.
by aaa August 06, 2003

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