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4 definitions by Anila

A term that equals mom in british.
Ron Weasley: But mum!
by Anila June 28, 2005
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An online community that's going down the drain (in my opinion) but is very nice in other people's minds. Mainly a site for people who don't have lives, preps, or people who're just weird.
Omg, I just found this site, whyville.com, and it's so >insert opinion here<!
by Anila June 28, 2005
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A shortening of the group Gnome Liberation Front who stole gnomes and wrecked havoc in France. Also known as Garden Gnome Liberation Front. They insisted that gnomes should be freed and that keeping them "hostage" in your backyard was like torture. I mean, seriously.
Did you hear about that time when the GLF took that gnome, hung it from a bridge, and called it suicide? It was on CNN!
by Anila June 28, 2005
17 29
A really, really weird, pointless, and stupid movie about this guy and his mexican friend.
Let's NOT rent Napolean Dynamite.
by Anila June 28, 2005
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